Tactile Indicators

Tactile Indicators Also Known As TGSI

Non slip Tactile indicators(abbreviated as TGSI) refers to a system of textured ground surface indicators which are found on footpaths, train station platforms or stairs to enable visually impaired people maneuver safely by providing them directions and warning against imminent obstacles on their way. These can be sensed whenever they are stepped on. We provide tactile indicators and our solutions mostly come in two different categories i.e.

  • Warning TGSI: this kind serves to warn the visually impaired persons of dangers ahead of them. These dangers include: escalators, stairs, railway platforms, bus stops and in all places that have changes in the directional TGSIs.
  • Directional TGSI: these kind of tactile indicators provide one with the direction/route that they are supposed to follow to a certain location. These are common in bus stations and street crossings.

Do not worry if you do not know the type of tactile indicators to install in a given location. We have professional architects at our company who will put various considerations in place and determine the right one to set up for you. This is because if put by non-professionals, it might create confusion with visually impaired persons and end up causing accidents other than the intended good.

We consider the contrast of illumination of the TGSI with substrate. They have to be within a definite range if they are to be 100% effective. This will ensure that you comply with all legal provisions and removes risk of you getting sued should an accident occur.

We ensure that there is a reduced risk of slipping and are used regularly by government agencies concerned about floor safety. We provide the best selection of materials to eliminate this risk because we work with the best suppliers. The anti slip floor materials we use are very durable. The job is quite easy if done with experts like us. If you need tactile indicators to be installed for you, just email or call us.